Ozivi Review

This new video technology will boost more click & sales for your offers

Hey and welcome to my Ozivi review, a product sold by Steve Tari and it's a kind of video product that has its own video player (no depending on external sources like Youtube, Vimeo)
So, in this Ozivi review, i would intend to show you some reasons why you shoudn't embed a Youtube video in your website, instead, you can embed the Ozivi video player.
Embedding YouTube players on a website can lead to a host of issues, such as slower page loading speeds, increased bandwidth usage, an inability to control the type of advertisements being displayed on the website, and potential security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, visitors may be distracted by being able to watch videos instead of viewing site content and can potentially cause privacy and legal problems if inappropriate videos are embedded. As a result, it is best not to embed Youtube players onto websites.
Embedding YouTube players on websites can increase the risk of malicious attacks, as it gives hackers a way to inject their own code into the video player and potentially compromise your website. Additionally, embedded YouTube players can slow down page loading times due to all the additional resources they need to function. Embedding videos also takes away valuable space and resources from other webpages that could be used for delivering better content experiences and improving user engagement. Furthermore, YouTube content is copyright protected, meaning any unauthorized use of it can result in legal action against you or your organization.
Embedding a Youtube player on a website can be detrimental in that it increases the loading time of your website significantly, may require more coding and technical know-how to integrate properly, and leaves you open to being impacted by changes YouTube makes to their API or embedding capabilities. Additionally, when you embed an external resource like YouTube on your page, it could leave your website vulnerable to potential security risks.