AvatarBuilder Review

And the best alternatives to this one

In this AvatarBuilder review article, i would intend to show you the best replacement for this software. As you know, there is no perfect product on the internet and so does this tool. So, we totally have replacements available online and you can use these tools instead of Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar's app.

1.Doodle Maker + Video Robot as a Combination

Video Robot is a software that allows you to make spokeperson video but just a basic spokeperson video. And the text to speech engine from Video Robot is also not really human natural because it doesn't utilize Amazon Polly like Doodle Maker and Avatar Builder. Therefore, to benefit from voice making, text to speech features, you need to create a video from Video Robot at first, then, you upload into Doodle Maker editor to directly replace the audio from Video Robot. Basically, both DoodleMaker and Avatar Builder are using the same tech for text to speech, which is a good thing here.
Video Robot doesn't generate 3D Avatar, but, it can bring us spokeperson by removing the Green screen. So, you just need a human spokeperson video with green background, then, you can easily make a testimonial video, review video and that's where you are using Avatar Builder. As a result, the 2 software combination above will be a great stuff online if you are finding a replacement for the app being reviewed in this article.


This is a software from Todd Gross and Rohit Shah. And it allows you to generate 3D Avatar from an image. But please note, you must buy Pro to have better video length and to have unlimited 3D Avatar generator features, a big cons while Avatar Builder can directly replace Mugnam with just the Front end account. It doesn't have advanced editor like AvatarBuilder, in my opinion, it's just a temporary replacement or can be a friend to make different style for Avatar video.